My name is Jasmine Kanuga, I’m a 22 year old aspiring Game Designer that plays and Administrates CS:GO at , , , and I’m also the Marketing and Social Media Manager for @teamendpoint.


I have always been very passionate about gaming, and from a very young age, played a lot of the classic PlayStation One games. As technology, along with the quality of games, and their ability to immerse us as Gamers all grew rapidly, so did my desire to not only play them, but also to understand the mechanics and processes behind creating them. This began with the many video edits and montages I began creating when I was just 9 years old, and continued to do as I grew older.

“Her knowledge of the UK Counter Strike  scene, combined with a relentless passion C5HUo7kWMAIsLyl (2).jpegfor the industry, and a tireless work ethic has resulted in consistent growth in tournament attendance. It is no stretch to say that Jasmine’s work is intrinsically tied to the success of our regular Counter Strike tournaments.”
– Jesse Raen Saunders, Esports Manager & Insomnia Project Manager.

wordpress-imageI have taken part in many Animation, VFX, and CGI based courses in order to refine and improve my skills in computer based design.
I began by applying to take part in a ‘VFX and Animation’ course which was ran by the official BFI (British Film Institute). Applying for this course required the submission of my portfolio, after which, I was shortlisted as one of the 15 participants that were chosen to receive training and feedback from industry professionals. Throughout this img_6560course, each participant created a video which featured VFX techniques that were taught which took over 95 hours within the space of a week. Following the creation of my video, I then achieved the ‘Silver Arts Award’ and my short film was premiered at the ‘Cinema Museum’ and the ‘Barbican’ as part of the ‘Focus Film Festival’.

“Jasmine has been responsible for epiclan3significantly lifting these standards via her dedication, planning and attention to detail when administering both online and LAN events. I can personally attest that tournaments run by Jasmine – especially Multiplay and EpicLAN events – run more smoothly for players and broadcasters, and have no doubt that the recent resurgence in the popularity of British eSports is, in no small part, her doing.”
– Nicholas Friday, CS:GO Player

img_1566I am also a renowned member of the UK eSports scene as I began volunteering as a Tournament Admin over one year ago, for the game ‘CS:GO’ (Counter Strike Global Offensive), at the UK’s biggest gaming LAN, hosted by Multiplay, sponsored by GAME, and known as ‘Insomnia’. Multiplay then offered me a job as Lead Admin to run the UK’s biggest tournament yet, ‘UK Masters’, which featured a £25,000 prize pool. Having recognised my passion for gaming, Multiplay also offered me a job as Tournament Manager for future ‘Insomnia’ events in which I; schedule and run 4 day long ‘CS:GO’ LAN events, manage and rectify servers, interact with over 3,000 Gamers, and train new volunteers.


FullSizeRender (9)

“The Counter -Strike scene has continued to flock our event through Jasmine’s stewardship. She has delivered not only practical tournaments but also high quality tournaments. She has had high praise from some of our participants in our recent survey just after the event where we collect feedback.” – Thomas Gumbleton, epicLAN eSports Manager

After having my dedicated work ethic noticed, I was also approached by other organisations such as epicLAN and ESL, and now Administrate all 4 events, as well as having been tournament administrator for eSports at ‘MCM Comic Con’, ESEA’s ‘Mountain Dew League’ and worked at FACEIT’s ECS Season 3 finals at Wembley Arena! Most recently, I have been flown to Sweden and Canada by DreamHack to admin the DreamHack Masters tournament in Malmo and DreamHack Astro Open tournament in Montreal which was an absolutely amazing experience to take part in! Volunteering for so many events has led to me learning more and more with every event I do, and leading me to aspire to make each and every event I run in the UK and abroad, better than the last!

“Her work ethic on the team is incredibly high. When she has overseen the qualifiers for ESL Premiership, she has devoted her time to making sure each and every match was set up, and made sure players were generally happy throughout the evenings she helped out. This is a very daunting task, where she would regularly have to deal with 100 + teams on any given time throughout an entire qualification cup.” – Thomas Gumbleton, ESL


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